Introducing the NerveSpa

Relieve pain + Treat the nerve. Moisturize the skin - NerveSpa

Aquatic Nerve Stimulation Therapy


How it Works

The NerveSpa emits extremely safe levels of signals, essentially making the water a conduit of effective levels of current, that provide relief to the entire surface of the extremity.

The NerveSpa device delivers its signal 7.83 times per second, at the precise frequency that causes the brain to produce its own endorphins to reduce stress levels.

This aquatic nerve stimulation helps block the pain signals from transmitting back to your brain, as well as helps rejuvenate the nerve endings.

You can control the intensity level with a tap of a button via our simple touch screen device.

The NerveSpa is powered by a rechargable li-ion battery, giving you 72 hours of use before needing to recharge.

drug free


There’s obviously been no shortage of coverage about the dangers of opiods, and more and more doctors are looking for ways to reduce the amount of pills prescribed to their patients.

The NerveSpa provides many of the same pain alleviation outcomes as opiods, but without the inherent risks!


The NerveSpa is a water resistant device, with an LED back lit screen. A plug-n-play 30-min program with NO complicated set-up steps or settings.


comparison chart

  • Item

  • Channels

  • Directional flow of current

  • Wave form

  • Therapeutic claims

  • Frequency

  • Battery

  • Water resistant device

  • Screen type

  • Lead wires

  • Sensation

  • Device dimensions

  • Foot bath dimensions

  • Back lit screen

  • Warranty

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Compliance

  • RebuilderTM

  • Single Channel

  • Travels up one leg, to the lower back, and down the other leg

  • “Compensating wave form”

  • “Repairs nerves”

  • 7.83Hz

  • 9V alkaline

  • No

  • None

  • Standard

  • Thumping on ankle*

  • NA

  • 9” W X 14”L X 10”D

  • No

  • Lifetime

  • 1 year with a 15% restocking fee

  • FDA cleared prescription only

  • NerveSpaTM

  • Single Channel

  • Travels up one leg, to the lower back, and down the other leg

  • Biphasic and Monophasic wave forms

  • Treats the nerve therapeutically, rebuilds soft tissue, relieves pain

  • 80Hz program A and 7.83Hz program B

  • Li-ion rechargeable

  • Yes

  • LCD Touch screen

  • Enhanced Tiger wires

  • Smooth engulfing uniform sensation*

  • 2.5”W X 4.5”L X .5”D

  • 9” W X 14”L X 10”D

  • Yes

  • Lifetime

  • 90-days with no restocking fee

  • FDA cleared Over-the-counter

Source –
*based on subjective tests
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