NerveSpa - Regenerative Knee Stim

Introducing the Nerve Spa Knee

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NerveSpa Knee - NerveSpa

Nerve Spa Technology + Jstim Joint Stimulator technology

How it Works

The Nerve Spa Knee emits an advanced signal that is based on a two-fold approach, incorporating both our Nerve Spa Technology, and our Jstim Joint Stimulator technology into a dual mode programming. The Jstim Technology is backed with a physician review study and has been used in the clinical and at-home setting for over the last 15 years with successful results.

The NerveSpa Knee delivers a frequency of 7.83 times per second, and within a monophasic wave form. Combining both Microcurrent and Galvanic Stimulation, and long with proprietary programming. Settings that are tactically helping to repair microtears in the tendon, and regenerate cartilage in the knee.

drug free


There's obviously been no shortage of coverage about the dangers of opioids, and more and more doctors are looking for ways to reduce the amount of pills prescribed to their patients.

The NerveSpa provides many of the same pain alleviation outcomes as opioids, but without the inherent risks!


The Nerve Spa Knee is incorporated into a slim garment wrap that enables the user to wear the device while being fully ambulatory.

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