NerveSpa - Protocol

Neropathy Program - Treatment Protocol

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition caused by nerve damage which creates pain, mostly in the hands or feet. Burning, tingling, numbness and the feeling of walking on pins-and-needles is associated with this condition. This painful condition causes diculties in standing, walking, and holding objects for long periods of time.

While there is no cure for neuropathy, there are essential treatment options which are eective at slowing the progress of the condition, quelling the symptoms, and in many cases reversing some of its eects.

These essential treatments are most eective when used in concert and on a daily basis until you achieve an aggregate milestone of 60-90 treatments from each modality.

Nervespa - Treatment Protocol


After reaching the 60-90 day milestone of use for each of the above therapies, treatments can then be pared back into a maintenance program. Although, diet, exercise and supplements should be maintained as a part of the daily formula for the long term.

The 6 stages of peripheral Neuropathy


Healthy with 100% sensation. Pain free.


Early On-set

Tingling or burning in spots. Some Intermittent pain.


Progressive Early-Onset

Tingling, burning and pin-prick feeling of pain in more prevalent bouts.



Tingling, burning and pin-prick sensation advances. Some restless leg syndrome canbegin and loss of sensation advances. Some trouble sleeping



Severe shooting or burning pain, di&culty walking, di&culty with balance. Numbness and loss of sensation progresses and reduced sensitivity in areas of the feet


Final Stage

Complete loss of sensation, and increased risk of injury to the feet. Complete loss oftemperature sensation, atrophy of the muscle. Susceptible to ulcers or slow healingwounds possibly resulting in amputation.