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The Quake Plate Vibrational Massage Therapy


  • Reaches up to 4,000 rpms
  • Remote Operated
  • Quiet Vibrations
  • 30 different speed settings
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Kit Includes:

  • Vibration plate
  • Remote
  • Power Supply
  • Users guide


The ergonomically-designed Quake Plate delivers a powerful clinical-grade vibrational massage to help relax and relieve pain associated with sore and achy feet. Greatly increase the level of oxygenated blood flow to all areas of the foot, muscles, and tendons.

The full-sized oscillating Foot Pad with Arch-Bar and a pressure point targeting surface penetrates hi-energy into your deep tissue.


  • Regain mobility
  • Ease Foot and Lower Body Pain
  • Drives Deep Tissue Massage Energy
  • Relieve Pain and Relax the Nerve
  • Increase Circulation and Blood Flow

Why Choose NerveSpa Quake Plate Vibration Therapy?

Deep Tissue Massage

Drives up to 4,000 RPM’s of powerful energy deep into the tissue to refresh and revitalize the feet.

Increase Circulation

Increases blood flow to the area while oxygenating your blood to encourage natural nerve healing.

Ease Pain

Lessens foot and calf pain pain associated with nerve conditions.

Vibration Therapy for Nerve and Neuropathy Pain Conditions

Remote Operated

Remote Control offers convenient customization for the Quake Plate without compromising your therapy session.

Customizable Speed

30 different speed settings for a customizable user experience that’s suitable for everyone.


Even with high intensity power, the Quake Plate runs as quiet as a whisper, all contained within a heavy duty steel frame.

Use As Part of the NerveSpa 90-Day Program

Combine our NerveSpa products for a 90-day program designed to help you get back on your feet.

**After reaching the 60-90 day milestone of use for each of the therapies, treatments can then be pared back into a maintenance program.