Quake Plate Vibration Plate




  • Regain mobility and ease pain in the feet and lower extremities.
  • Drives Deep tissue massage energy
  • Relieve pain and relax the nerve
  • Increase circulation and blood flow

The full-sized oscillating Foot Pad with Arch-Bar and a pressure point targeting surface. Penetrates hi-energy into your deep tissue. It uses 30 different intensity settings to massage your feet and calves.

Kit Includes:

  • Vibration plate
  • Remote
  • Power Supply
  • Users guide


The Quake Plate delivers a powerful clinical grade vibrational massage to help relax and relieve pain associated with ones sore and achy feet.  Thirty individual speed settings drive up to 4,000 RPM’s of powerful energy deep into the tissue to refresh and revitalize the feet.

Greatly increase the level of oxygenated blood flow to all areas of the foot, muscles and tendons.