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Nerve Spa Performance diabetic Socks


  • Specially constructed to keep the feet healthy and safe
  • Non-binding with minimal compression
  • Padded where necessary for extra comfort and
  • Breathable in certain areas for maximum comfort.
  • Knee-high Sock
  • Available in two sizes: Small and Large


Maintain healthy feet with minimal compression, non-binding performance socks designed for increased comfort for individuals with circulation issues, neuropathy, and other nerve conditions.

Why Choose NerveSpa Performance Socks?

Circulation: The NerveSpa Performance Sock is specifically designed to give aid blood circulation by not constricting an area.

Breathable Construction: The thin construction of the sock allows air to easily flow through the fabric for a truly breathable sock.

Padded Comfort: Strategic padding on the bottom area makes for an extra comfort and support to the most delicate parts of the foot.