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NerveSpa Classic Nerve and Neuropathy, Hand and Foot Pain Relief System


  • Touch screen device with two modes of operation (A and B)
  • Built-in Microprocessor
  • 7.83Hz, 80Hz, Symmetrical Biphasic Square, and Monophasic Waveform
  • Water resistant device
  • Reinforced lead wires
  • Extra-large foot bath fits up to size 14 men’s
  • FDA Registered


The Nerve Spa Classic is an Advanced Nerve and Neuropathy stimulator that utilizes a proprietary hybrid of electrotherapy including enhanced micro-current, galvanic, and TENS formulated into a proprietary specification—coupled with a monophasic waveform to target pain associated with early-onset peripheral neuropathy, as well other nerve-based pain conditions in the hands and feet.

Why Choose NerveSpa?

Circumferential Nerve Stimulation Treatment

Surrounds the feet with a soothing and uniform level of current that relieves pain and gets the nerves "talking".

Damaged Nerve Repair

Increases the body's blood circulation, relaxes inflamed nerves, and works on a cellular level to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms.

60-90-Day, Drug-Free Treatment to Reduce Pain

Using the Nerve Spa over the course of 60-90 days or longer achieves an aggregate therapeutic effect that works to relieve the symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy and other nerve-based pain conditions in the hands or feet.

Aquatic Electrotherapy Stimulation

7.83Hz Symmetrical Biphasic Square & Monophasic Waveform

The Symmetrical Biphasic wave helps quell pain, while the Monophasic waveform pushes fluids and enhances pain relief in one's extremities.

Rechargeable Battery

Li-ion battery for convenient therapy from anywhere with 72 hours of use. Ideal for home use.

Touch Screen Device with Two Modes of Operation

Control intensity level with a tap of a button. Choose between Mode A- TENS/ Microcurrent or Mode B-Microcurrent/Galvanic.

Use As Part of the NerveSpa 90-Day Program

Aquatic Nerve Stimulation

Combine our NerveSpa products for a 90-day program designed to help you get back on your feet.

**After reaching the 60-90 day milestone of use for each of the therapies, treatments can then be pared back into a maintenance program.